sometimes at night. my first post. I'm nervous.

shortly thereafter, we were kicked off the roof.

last week. michelle and I rode around east austin after I had a wonderful dinner with mom. I carried around a jar of colloidal silver that mom gave me the whole time. we happened to venture into an art show at some new condos (yuck) across from the blue dahlia and longbranch... it consisted of colorful bingo chips placed on overhead projectors shining on white gallery walls. the outcome was soothing and reminded me of cellular structures. we ran into some friends of ours, michael and jon who I know from the vanilla wafer project. we made our way up to the roof, though construction was still underway. stayed up there for a little bit, but were kicked off. I guess they were afraid we would throw each other off the roof. although the condos are silly, unsightly monsters, the roof provided us an amazing view of downtown austin and some wonky roofs of old homes on the east side... I love austin. it is definitely my home. .


dear michelle.

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