you could see a million stars during the night time.

goat's milk collection

foto by laurel coyle.

this week I was invited out east to the Little family farm. it was wonderful. while there, I met many chickens and roosters, a turken, two kittens and their momma, a donkey called willa may, many female goats for milking, three male goats for killing, and about five sheep. the sheep make noises that make me giggle. they sound as if someone with a hoarse voice is imitating what a sheep could sound like. the land is beautiful and lush, with an expansive and impressive garden. i played horseshoes for the very first time in my life... I think that, with practice, I will one day not feel ashamed of my throwing skills.
traipsing around in the tall grass made me miss living out in dripping springs with mom. speaking of mom, she placed third in the Wimberley Valley Art League Juried Show! I am so proud of her! take a peak at her blog... her paintings become more beautiful and unique every time. most recently, I feel she has been more self expressive through her work than any other time...

shea on his father's converted lawnmower.

cherie emotionally preparing a goat for milking.

stephanie, farm owner, milking a goat.

suzanne as a scarecrow.

joe loves goats. loves.

jana, cai, and cherie./

cherie loving willa may, the resident ass.

shea and suzanne.

all fotos by laurel coyle.


Alan P said...

Breathtaking pictures. Looks like you had a very special time! I hope you didn't tug the goat's nipples too hard. :)

frogpoet said...